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Export Swiss excellence in engineering solar energy to discerning customers who seek high quality, tailor-made systems, matching their needs or constraints.

Tailored And Efficient Solar Solutions

As a designer and installer, SOLSTIS provides you with research and technology services of the highest quality, the same that have ensured the success of our company in the Swiss and European markets.
SOLSTIS offers aesthetic and competitive solutions according to your goals and expert project managers will guide you throughout your solar project.

Study And Design : An Essential Step

With its highly qualified engineers, including Arabic-speaking employees with extensive International experience, SOLSTIS enjoys unparalleled expertise to design and build your project in your region:

  • Feasibility study (technical & economic aspects, administrative & legal framework, etc)
  • Estimation of the financial cost of the project as well as its profitability
  • Production study evaluation of the potential output of your photovoltaic power station
  • System design
  • Design of the layout plans, execution and electrical architecture

Installation Of The Power Station Guaranteed By The Solstis Charter

The photovoltaic solution is installed by professional partners around the world. In keeping with our policy of Swiss quality, they adhere to the SOLSTIS Company charter which guarantees the same SOLSTIS quality for every installation.


Past and future projects

Minet Al Hosn Project executed in 2014

LOT 1394 Beyrouth City
Coord : 33°53′20″N;  35°29′39″E

400 m2 of PV modules set up on East and West frontages of the building
Installation capacity: 43 kWp
Annual production: 26.311 MWh

Produced in partnership with


solstis liban

Swiss Embassy Bangkok, KA executed in 2013

35 North Wireless Road
Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Coord : 13°44'43.29N ; 100°3254.36E

588 m2 of PV modules set up on two roofs of the building 
Installation capacity: 149.04 kWp
Annual production: 206 MWh

solstis ambassade suisse bangkok

Swiss embassy Kuala Lumpur to be executed in 2014/2015

16, Pesiaran Madge
55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Coord : 3° 09′ 20″ N 101° 41′ 49″ E

74 m2 of solar modules set up on the roof of the bulding
Installation capacity: 15 kWp
Annual production: 18.52 MWh


EQUATE Headquarters study and engineering

Coord : 29°08°20 2''10N 48°08°31''38E
1296 m2 of solar modules set up on carport
Installation capacity: 267.3 kWp
Annual production: 412.49 MWh

EQUATE Headquarters

BLUE NILE CIGARETTE Co Ltd Factory study and engineering

Wad Medani
Coord : 14° 23' 38.30" N  33° 30' 4.00"

6560 m2 of solar modules set up on the ground
Installation capacity: 1 MWp
Annual production: 1.88 GWh

Blue Nile

Kuwait Gulf Oil Company (K.G.O.C) study and engineering

Ahmadi – 61010,
Coord : 29° 09' 66.00" N  48° 06' 00" E

6021 m2 of solar modules set up on three roofs of the building
Installation capacity: 1.2 MWp
Annual production: 1.86 GWh


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